Financial Support to the family of Martyred Soldier | NHSExcel

“Yet another soldier was martyred on 17th Mar 2018… this time it was an young Jawan Chandru, who had married Just an year ago. On this fateful morning, Chandru drove his Officers for their regular rounds only to face the wrath of the Maoist attack in Chhattisgarh. Chandru leaves behind his 20 years young pregnant wife to face this tough world.

Support to the Family members of Martyred Soldier

On 20th Mar morning, one of our Trustees was reading the newspaper as usual.. when this news caught his attention. Feeling sad for Chandru’s family for the loss, he noticed that they were from a small village called Rama Gowdana Halli, near Arakalgud, Hassan… which is about 200 kms from Bangalore. He immediately decided that we have to extend our support to the distressed family in whatever way we can. He brought it to the notice of the Board, without any hesitation all members agreed to support the cause as all of them shared the same feelings.

The key mission of our NHS 82-85 Excel Charitable Trust is to extend support to the people in need. Some of the members immediately pooled up the monetary contributions and the Board decided to delegate a team to handover the cheque to Chandru’s wife.

On 1st of May 2018, the team headed to the village to meet Late Chandru’s family. After meeting the family members, our team realized that Mrs. Prithvi, wife of Mr. Chandru was not alone but had a wonderfully close-knit family to support her. Her parents, in-laws, grandparents, aunts & uncles, neighborhood and of course her 10 days old son were all around. All the family members felt that their Chandru is back with them in the form of his son.

Today’s capitalist world may tag this family as poor, but our team witnessed the Rich characters, with warm hospitality…proud for what their son has contributed to the Nation, yet very concerned for the young lady and her son. Our team handed over the cheque to Mrs. Prithvi wishing them all good. Driving back home, the team felt that we have in-fact made a tiny contribution in supporting this wonderful family… wishing and praying that one day Jr. Chandru will grow up to be a responsible citizen of our country.

Our world is challenged today with so much of hatred, violence, pollution, traffic, etc., yet there is also so much of peace, beauty, fresh air, self-less & loving people around… it is still a wonderful world to live in.

Thanks to all the trustees, our families & friends for the unconditional support that they extend for such activities that we hold / support that we extend for the needy.

If you wish to be a part of such mission that we are into and Involve / Contribute / Donate contact us.

Blood Donation Programme | NHS Excel

Blood Donation Programme

To Commemorate the Centenary year of National High School, NHS 82-85 Excel Charitable Trust had organised a Blood Donation Camp on 18th Feb 2018 at Banashankari, Bangalore.

The program was supported by M/s. Devagiri Traders.

The Trust partnered with M/s. Rashtrotthana Blood Bank for this event for the arrangeement of Blood Collection.

The Program was Inaugurated by Senior Kannada Cine Actor Shri. Srinath and also by Mr. , the Corporator of Karesandra ward. The event was also graced by the visit of              Shri. D V Nagesh, Head Master of NHS.

This event took over a months of meticulous planning with members of the Trust actively engaged in executing every detail to make sure the program was conducted successfully.

A total of 37 units of blood was collected from this event and the blood collected will be used exclusively for people who are suffering from peculiar diseases….(not sure about this statement)

We take this opportunity to thank all the donors of this event and also convey our heartfelt gratitude to all the trust members without whose active involvement and contributions, conducting such events would not be possible.



Some of the Photos of the Camp


Team | NHS Excel Charitable Trust Bangalore

Blood Donation Camp by NHS Excel Charitable Trust

Blood Donation Camp to Commemorate the Centenary year of National High School has been organised by NHS 82-85 Excel Charitable Trust.

The event has been supported by Devagiri Traders

Date : Sunday, 18th Feb. 2018

All are requested to participate and make this event a great success.



Vanamahotsava ( Planting of Trees ) at Government School Banimukodulu | NHS Excel

Vanamahotsava in Bangalore School

NHS8285 Excel Charitable Trust had organised Vanamahotsava (Planting of Trees) and distribution of sports articles for a Government School in Banimukodulu, Kanakapura Taluk on 1st July. 2017.

The objective of this programme to conserve forests and grow more trees and to educate children on importance of trees to maintain balance in our ecosystem, along with developing interest among children in sports activities.

NHS Excel wants the children to show interest in sports activities along with their regular education, in order to develop their interest the trust has donated several sports items for the use of school children like Cricket Bat, Ball, Wicket, Foot Ball, Batminton, Skipping, Shuttle cock, Chess, Carrom Board etc., and the members also briefed them on the importance of sports and to make it a part of their daily activities.

It was a joyous moment for children and staff members of the school who also joined with us with full zeal and enthusiasm.

NHS Excel Trust also donated plates for the use of school children and thought them how they have to maintain cleanliness and ways for healthy living.

The following members of the trust participated in the event;

1. Mr. S.N. Giri
2. Mr. Babu
3. Mr. Mallikarjuna
4. Mr. Sandeep
5. Mr. Surendra
6. Mr. Vishwa
7. Mr. Subbu
8. Mr. Manju
9. Mr. Praveen

The NHS Excel Trust wishes to thank all the participating members and those who helped in the backend to make this event a great success.

If you wish to volunteer for the activities of this trust, please contact us


Donation of Books and Stationery to School in Chikmukkodlu | NHS Excel

Book and Stationery Donation to School

As a part of the initiative of NHS Excel 82-85 Charitable Trust to help the school children in their education. The  NHS Excel Trust had organised the Book and Stationery Donation Programme at the School in Chikmukkodulu on 10th June. 2017

The trust contributes in various ways to the development of this school, it is doing so since the past 2 Years, this year the trust has added one more school to support such donations.

It was a joyous moment for the children to receive books and stationery, we also enjoyed the programme and happy to see smiles on the children’s face.

The following members of NHS Excel Trust had participated in this event;

Mr. S.N. Giri (CEO Nichi in) – President
Mr. G. Harish – Vice President
Mr. Kishore – Vice president
Mr. Babu Prasad – Secretary
Mr. Subramanya – Treasurer
Mr. Praveen S S – Trustee
Mr. Mallikarjun Raju – Trustee
Mr. Manjunath – Member
Mr. Vibhuthi Prabhu- Member

We wish to thank Mr. Shanmukh Patel from ( Prakash Samaya News Paper ) who was also present and his involvement towards such initiative.

Glimpse of some of the memorable photos of this programme



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Minutes of Meeting – Mobilization for Activities planned for the year 2017 – NHS Excel

Minutes of Meeting held on 6th May 2017 @ NHS Excel Trust Office

Post to the meeting dated 23rd April, a meeting was called on 6th May 2017 at NHS Excel Trust office to discuss the regarding how and what is required for the various activities to be planned for the year 2017 and its execution.

The meeting was attended by the following members

  1. Mr. Babu Prasad
  2. Mr. G. S. Surendranath
  3. Mr. S. S. Praveen
  4. Mr. G. Harish,
  5. Mr. Sandeep Singh,
  6. Mrs. Suma
  7. Mr. Manjunath
  1. Babu Prasad explained the estimation he had done based on his previous visits and discussions to the schools at Chikkamukkodlu and Bannimukkodlu.
  2. All the members agreed to most of the points excepting to the sports related estimates.
  3. It was decided to divide the amount that was estimated for Basketball court to be divided for other sports like Volleyball, Throwball, Ball badminton, Badminton and Cricket, so that more children can take part in the sporting activities.
  4. It was also discussed about providing some lectures from some eminent persons or knowledgeable persons for helping the students to decide on their future.
  5. It was also decided to continue exploring giving distant education from Bangalore through tele-conferencing. Suma informed that Ranjani is interested in taking such classes and we can take initiative in this direction.
  6. Babu Prasad informed that we will talk to the schools for providing a separate classroom for setting up this.
  7. It was also decided that we move two computers to the Bannimukkodlu school and one of them can be utilized. We need to provide a 36 inch TV instead of setting up a projector and screen, which would be cheaper and also maintenance free.
  8. Manjunath informed that he was approached by a headmaster from a Government middle school near to Malur at Masthi village for supporting about 15 children. It was unanimously agreed to support that school also.
  9. It was decided to inform the trustees and members about paying the annual fees at the earliest. Also It was decided to raise funds through the selling of coupons.
  10. Reconciliation of the coupon books need to be done.
  11. It was also decided to participate in the Vanamohatsav program on July 2nd Babu Prasad along with Praveen informed of their meeting with a forest range office who informed that he would ensure that trees required for the same would be organized by them.

Minuted by Mr. Harish

All members of NHS Excel are required to extend their fullest support to ensure that the Events / Activities are carried out as planned.

NHS Meeting for Activities Planning 2017

The members of NHS met on 23rd Apr. to discuss on the various programmes / initiatives to be planned for the year 2017.

The meeting was called to understand the success of the previous years programmes and what next to be planed.

The following members were present for the meeting;

  1. Mr. Giri
  2. Mr. Babu
  3. Mr. Sandeep
  4. Mr. Badri
  5. Mrs. Suma
  6. Mr. Harish
  7. Mr. Praveen and others.

Plan of action meeting will be called soon to discuss on how to take this  forward.


NHS Excel Charitable Trust helping students in pursuing education

Payment of Hostel Fee by NHS Excel Trust

As per the decisions taken during the last meeting on 19th Mar. 2017, to help the student to pay his hostel fees, after due verification of the students credentials.

The National High School Charitable Trust had taken the initiative to make the payment to  National College where this student by name Shiva Kumar is studying in III Year of BSc and an amount of Rs. 16,155/- was given on his behalf.

The Cheque Cheque was handed over to National College Principal in the presence of the student by Mr. Vishwanath and Mr. Praveen towards the hostel expenses for the deserving candidate.

We take this opportunity to thank the below named volunteers who had contributed to pay the difference amount other than Rs. 10,000/- which was sanctioned by Trust.

Volunteers of the trust who made contribution

  1. Mr. Shivananda
  2. Mr. Badrinath
  3. Mr. Giri
  4. Mr. Sandeep
  5. Mr. Harish

We wish the student Shiva Kumar all  the very best for his exams and his aspirations to take up the UPSC exams come true.

NHS Excel
Cheque being handed over to  the Student of National College Basavanagudi

We wish the student Shiva Kumar all  the very best for his exams and his aspirations to take up the UPSC exams come true.


If you also which to be a part of this initiative



Minutes of Governing Body Meeting @ Hotel Gokul Majestic | NHSExcel

Governing Body meeting of NHS Excel 82-85 was held on 19th Mar.  2017 at Hotel Gokul Majestic

The Agenda for the meeting was to elect the new governing body members post 3 yrs of completion of starting of the Trust.

The following members were present for the meeting.

S. N. Giri M. R. Prashanth S. S. Praveen M. S. Shivananda
G. Harish D. Babu Prasad Nandakishore Sandeep Singh
 S. K. Vishwanath K. N. Subramanya A. K. Badrinath K. Prakash
S. Vijay Kumar G. S. Surendranath    

Minutes of meeting

It was  decided that all the committee  members  would be  resigning from their post on 1st April 2017

A New committee would be selected and they would be assuming office from 1st April 2017 for a period of 3 years

The  core  trustees,  S.  S.  Praveen,  M.  R.  Prashanth,  G.  S.  Surendranath,  D.  Babu  Prasad and  G. Harish are going to be permanent members and they cannot resign from their posts

S.N.  Giri,  Mallikarjuna  Raju,  A.  K.  Badrinath,  A.  S.  Prakash and M.  S.  Shivananda  from  the existing trust board offered themselves for continuation in office.

N. Subramanya, Sandeep Singh, Nandakishore, S. K. Vishwanath, S. Vijayakumar, D. S. Ramesh and Smt. Suma offered themselves to be part of the new trust board.

It  was  decided  that  the  number  of  people  on  the  trust  board  would  be  15  including  a  women representative.  The  women  representative  was  brought  down  from  2  to  1,  as  there  was  no proper representation in the meetings and response from the women board members

The final list of Trustees finalized as given below.

S. N. Giri S. Praveen M. R. Prashanth D. Babu Prasad
S. Surendranath G. Harish Nandakishore Sandeep Singh
K. N. Subramanya S. K. Vishwanath M. S. Shivananda S. Vijayakumar
A. K. Badrinath Mallikarjuna Raju Smt. Suma  

Shivananda welcomed the new members and briefed about the roles

It was decided to call for a separate meeting to finalise the accounts, as the accounts has not yet been updated.

Babu  Prasad  raised  the  issue  of  remuneration  for  the  auditor  and  legal  advisor  and  informed that the same needs to be paid immediately as the same has been pending for a long time.

Harish and Prashanth informed that the fees to the legal advisor has been paid and needs to be checked with the legal advisor as well as with our old records. They opined that if the fees has not been paid, then the same needed to be given immediately

Shivananda informed that we need to decide  on the amount  to be  paid to the  auditor and the same amount need to be accounted as donation from the auditor.

The  application  received  from Mr.  Shivakumar,  a  Third  Year  B.Sc  student  of  National College, Basavanagudi  requesting  for  Hostel  fees  of  Rs  16,155/ was  discussed.  It  was  decided  that  the fees paid to a student  for the first year needs to be paid during the subsequent years also and we need to ensure that the student’s requirement is being taken care of during his studies and he need to concentrate on his studies.

Harish, Vishwanath and Praveen need to do the background check of this student and inform. It was  decided  to pay   Rs  10000/ from  the  trust  account and  the  balance  amount  was  shared  as given below.

S.N.  Giri,  M.S.  Shivananda,  A.S.  Badrinath  and  Sandeep  Singh  contributed  Rs  1000/ and  the balance amount would be paid by G. Harish

Minuted by : Harish

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