Minutes of Meeting – Mobilization for Activities planned for the year 2017 – NHS Excel

Minutes of Meeting held on 6th May 2017 @ NHS Excel Trust Office

Post to the meeting dated 23rd April, a meeting was called on 6th May 2017 at NHS Excel Trust office to discuss the regarding how and what is required for the various activities to be planned for the year 2017 and its execution.

The meeting was attended by the following members

  1. Mr. Babu Prasad
  2. Mr. G. S. Surendranath
  3. Mr. S. S. Praveen
  4. Mr. G. Harish,
  5. Mr. Sandeep Singh,
  6. Mrs. Suma
  7. Mr. Manjunath
  1. Babu Prasad explained the estimation he had done based on his previous visits and discussions to the schools at Chikkamukkodlu and Bannimukkodlu.
  2. All the members agreed to most of the points excepting to the sports related estimates.
  3. It was decided to divide the amount that was estimated for Basketball court to be divided for other sports like Volleyball, Throwball, Ball badminton, Badminton and Cricket, so that more children can take part in the sporting activities.
  4. It was also discussed about providing some lectures from some eminent persons or knowledgeable persons for helping the students to decide on their future.
  5. It was also decided to continue exploring giving distant education from Bangalore through tele-conferencing. Suma informed that Ranjani is interested in taking such classes and we can take initiative in this direction.
  6. Babu Prasad informed that we will talk to the schools for providing a separate classroom for setting up this.
  7. It was also decided that we move two computers to the Bannimukkodlu school and one of them can be utilized. We need to provide a 36 inch TV instead of setting up a projector and screen, which would be cheaper and also maintenance free.
  8. Manjunath informed that he was approached by a headmaster from a Government middle school near to Malur at Masthi village for supporting about 15 children. It was unanimously agreed to support that school also.
  9. It was decided to inform the trustees and members about paying the annual fees at the earliest. Also It was decided to raise funds through the selling of coupons.
  10. Reconciliation of the coupon books need to be done.
  11. It was also decided to participate in the Vanamohatsav program on July 2nd Babu Prasad along with Praveen informed of their meeting with a forest range office who informed that he would ensure that trees required for the same would be organized by them.

Minuted by Mr. Harish

All members of NHS Excel are required to extend their fullest support to ensure that the Events / Activities are carried out as planned.


NHS Meeting for Activities Planning 2017

The members of NHS met on 23rd Apr. to discuss on the various programmes / initiatives to be planned for the year 2017.

The meeting was called to understand the success of the previous years programmes and what next to be planed.

The following members were present for the meeting;

  1. Mr. Giri
  2. Mr. Babu
  3. Mr. Sandeep
  4. Mr. Badri
  5. Mrs. Suma
  6. Mr. Harish
  7. Mr. Praveen and others.

Plan of action meeting will be called soon to discuss on how to take this  forward.