About NHS Excel Charitable Trust

After a long gap of 25 years post to the High School Days, few classmates of National High School (NHS) met each other at a get together in 2010.

This was an occasion for us to reconnect and think about being connected forever. to do this, we needed to have an objective. We visited NHS and found the school in NOT doing that great as it used to be during our days, we had discussions with the current HM, Shri D V Nagesh and learnt from him about the needs of the school.

This is where we build the idea of bringing together the students in particular batch mates of 1982 – 1985 Passouts, but we did not want to restrict ourselves to a single school, since NHS already had some other bigger teams supporting our school for this noble cause.

We, being a small group of like-minded friends, started to contribute and started supporting the needy children with a small fund which we raised ourselves to form the trust fund, whenever and how much ever possible, whenever we met and wherever we came across the needy children for the their education purpose, we collectively supported them.

Over a period of time the number of classmates increased and we started our own trust by name NHS 82 – 85 Charitable Trust in the year 2014

We started supporting students for their educational needs at different academic levels, including needy Engineering College students, after a thorough check about their status due diligence at our end.

As we grew, now we have nearly 100+ classmates in our Group. now the main objective of our Trust is to support for the following purposes ;


Support the needy, in terms of their School / College fees, Hostel Fees, Uniform, Text Books, Note Books etc.


Help under-privileged by ways of conducting Blood donation camp and the blood collected given to the needy, Health check camp etc.

Orphange / Old Age Homes

Providing them for their needs, keep them cheerful and happy

Career and Skill development

Make children more competitive by making them first understand about the need to be educated, educating them about the areas where they can pursue their career, short workshops on skill development with focus on employment etc.

Now we feel that life is not just about self, but also to look for the needs of others and help them in whatever way possible, we are in need of more hands to can contribute towards this cause (Like  Monitory help, dedicating some time for trust activities, support remotely by their ideas / building online awareness about our trust ) and make this organization achieve its Vision..

We welcome like minded people to join us, email @ nhsexcel@gmail.com


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