Financial Support to the family of Martyred Soldier | NHSExcel

“Yet another soldier was martyred on 17th Mar 2018… this time it was an young Jawan Chandru, who had married Just an year ago. On this fateful morning, Chandru drove his Officers for their regular rounds only to face the wrath of the Maoist attack in Chhattisgarh. Chandru leaves behind his 20 years young pregnant wife to face this tough world.

Support to the Family members of Martyred Soldier

On 20th Mar morning, one of our Trustees was reading the newspaper as usual.. when this news caught his attention. Feeling sad for Chandru’s family for the loss, he noticed that they were from a small village called Rama Gowdana Halli, near Arakalgud, Hassan… which is about 200 kms from Bangalore. He immediately decided that we have to extend our support to the distressed family in whatever way we can. He brought it to the notice of the Board, without any hesitation all members agreed to support the cause as all of them shared the same feelings.

The key mission of our NHS 82-85 Excel Charitable Trust is to extend support to the people in need. Some of the members immediately pooled up the monetary contributions and the Board decided to delegate a team to handover the cheque to Chandru’s wife.

On 1st of May 2018, the team headed to the village to meet Late Chandru’s family. After meeting the family members, our team realized that Mrs. Prithvi, wife of Mr. Chandru was not alone but had a wonderfully close-knit family to support her. Her parents, in-laws, grandparents, aunts & uncles, neighborhood and of course her 10 days old son were all around. All the family members felt that their Chandru is back with them in the form of his son.

Today’s capitalist world may tag this family as poor, but our team witnessed the Rich characters, with warm hospitality…proud for what their son has contributed to the Nation, yet very concerned for the young lady and her son. Our team handed over the cheque to Mrs. Prithvi wishing them all good. Driving back home, the team felt that we have in-fact made a tiny contribution in supporting this wonderful family… wishing and praying that one day Jr. Chandru will grow up to be a responsible citizen of our country.

Our world is challenged today with so much of hatred, violence, pollution, traffic, etc., yet there is also so much of peace, beauty, fresh air, self-less & loving people around… it is still a wonderful world to live in.

Thanks to all the trustees, our families & friends for the unconditional support that they extend for such activities that we hold / support that we extend for the needy.

If you wish to be a part of such mission that we are into and Involve / Contribute / Donate contact us.

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